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I am a creative photographer, designer & illustrator.

An Englishman abroad, currently residing in Canada, and I have travelled extensively, including to Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe and North America, capturing the wonderful diversity of the seasons and the scenic beauty of city, coast and country.

For me, the camera is my brush, and I use it to paint the scene before me onto the screen. I happily concede that my photographs may not be technically perfect –  my skill lies in the ability to see, compose and capture a picture that others may not.

My aim is to create images that reflect the beauty and wonder of the world around us. I hope you think I’ve done just that, and that maybe you’ll choose one or two as wall art for your home or office.







Une scène jolie

Une scène jolie

On a cold and wet January day, wandering the cobbled streets of Bordeaux, Lonely Planet's Best City 2017, my eye was drawn away from the impressive architecture and tempting storefronts to this simple scene. The bicycles leaning casually against steel railings...

Wall of fire

Wall of fire

I loved the contrast between the vivid red, orange and yellow fall colors of the leaves on the trees in the background of this shot, and the muted natural tones of the bed of reeds in the foreground. The fall colors on the East Coast are often spectacular,...

Minister’s Island, Saint Andrews

Minister’s Island, Saint Andrews

One of our favourite places to visit during the summer is Minister's Island near Saint Andrews in New Brunswick. For a short window each day, the tide allows access to the island across a causeway which is revealed when the tide recedes. The island is home...